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A simple and lightweight Linux® distribution based on musl libc and toybox

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“An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity.”
― Terry A. Davis


Written in Nim and POSIX shell script


Based on musl libc and toybox


Does not sacrifice convenience


Does not get in your way


basudefault D-Bus library
bc-ghdefault bc implementation
boosterdefault initramfs generator
byaccdefault yacc implementation
dbus-brokerdefault D-Bus daemon
flexdefault lex implementation
gettext-tinydefault gettext implementation
iproute2 and iputilsdefault networking utilities
lbzip2default bzip2 implementation
lessdefault terminal pager
libarchivedefault archive and compression library
libeditdefault command line editor library
libressldefault TLS library
libudev-zerodefault libudev implementation
mandocdefault manual pages reader
mawkdefault awk implementation
mdevddefault udevd implementation
mimallocdefault memory allocator
molddefault linker
muondefault meson implementation
musldefault C standard library
netbsd-cursesdefault curses library
nsssdefault NSS implementation
opendoasdefault privilege escalation tool
pigzdefault gzip implementation
pkgconfdefault pkg-config implementation
plocatedefault locate implementation
plzipdefault lzip implementation
python 3default Python version
s6default init system
s6-rcdefault service manager
samuraidefault ninja implementation
slibtooldefault libtool implementation
toyboxdefault unix user space
ugrepdefault grep implementation
utmpsdefault utmp implementation
vimdefault text editor
waylanddefault display server protocol
wget2default wget version
yashdefault unix shell
zlib-ngdefault zlib implementation
zstddefault compression algorithm


ASLRAddress Space Layout Randomization
BIND_NOWBinding Policy NOW
DEPData Execution Prevention
ESPExecutable-Space Protection
XDeXecute Disable
NXNo eXecute
PICPosition Independent Code
PIEPosition Independent Executables
RELRORELocation Read-Only
SCPStack Clash Protection
SSPStack Smashing Protection